Someone Special


Someone Special…
Someone who you can talk to,
Someone who you can look up to.
Someone who you can count on,
Someone who you can lean on.
Someone who you can give a hug,
Someone who you can stay in touch.

Someone Special…
Someone who can give you the wings,
Someone who can make alive your dreams.
Someone who can make you smile,
Someone who can make you cry sometimes.
Someone who can sooth your sadness and pain,
And Someone who can hurt you like a strain.

Someone Special…
Someone who can make you jealous at a time,
Someone who can make you get mad like a wild.
Someone who you expect to offer a wedding speech,
Someone you always wish to have a good relationship with.
Someone who you don’t want to remember as special memoirs,
But Someone who will live in your memory for always and ever.

Zun Moe Sett
Dedicated to Someone’s Someone Special.

Comments ( 3 )

Thanks for your nice poem ♥♥♥

Someone who can create good poem.
Sometimes, The Poem is the someone by itself.

what a beautiful poem dear !

Thank you for your compliment, Aunty Tint. :)

Thank you, my dear Nyo and please keep it as a beautiful gift on behalf of me. :)